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A friend recommended Dawoud who had taken her and friends and family on several trips. He is really well informed and very willing to give a fascinating perspective..

Amazing Country, Amazing Place, Amazing Guide

My wife and I did a 3 day tour in the Simien Mountains with Dawoud and his colleagues. All the staff were very kind and the services were excellent. .

Best experience we had in our 15 day Ethiopian Trip!

We took the 2 day tour with Dawoud Sulayman and it was definitely the most comfortable, calmed and enjoyable tour we did in Ethiopia..

Excellent 3-day tour

We took a the 3 day tour with Simien Mountains Tours in mid-OCtober 2018, the trip was excellent..

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December, 2019


Dawoud Sulyman

General manger 


With 19 years of experience as a tourIsm professional in the region. Dawoud Sulayman has committed to guaranteeing a high level of service. Thus to ensure that tourists continue coming to explore the beautiful Simien Mountains. As well as the other magical places in Ethiopia. Such as historical and cultural sites. Always keeping in mind that high levels of service make our tourism industry reliable and sustainable.

Spend a fascinating trekking holiday in the Simien Mountains! We are here to offer you individually tailored tours in Ethiopia, primarily in the Simien Mountains National Park. Tourists from all over the world are increasingly choosing Ethiopia as their holiday destination, attracted by its well-known beauty.

The Simien Mountains are one of the most beautiful places in the world. Most people compare them to the Grand Canyon in the USA, Colorado. The Simien Mountains are situated in the Northern part of Ethiopia and border on Axum in the North, Afar depression in the East and Laibela in the South-East. As most of the mountains are over 4000m, they have been nicknamed the roof of Africa".


Bale Mountains National Park

Awash National Park

 Simien Mountains

This park is a home to the endemic mammal species of the mountains: Nyala, Ethiopian wolf (simien fox), Menelik's bushbuck, lion, Bhor reedbuck, greater and lesser kudu, leopard, warthog, etc.
Awash National Park is geographically situated in the main Rift Valley system. Dominated by savannah vegetation, it is a home to various mammal and bird species.
Mammals that can be seen in the park include the lion, leopard, water buck, Anibus baboon and Colobus monkey. The Awash River crosses the park and is a home to the hippopotamus and crocodile. In the park, there can be seen a number of lowland birds such as the kingfisher, emerald spotted wood dove, secretary bird, fish eagle and tawny eagle, francolin and about 300 other species of birds.
The Simien Mountains are one of the prominent highlands of Africa rising to the highest point of Ethiopia - Ras Dashen (4530m), which is believed to be the fourth highest peak in Africa. Though the Simien Mountains are not far from the equator, snow and ice might appear on the highest point and temperatures sometimes drop to zero or below.


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Located in the north-east of Ethiopia, Lalibela is another renowned historical destination. Placed third in historic sequence, its site hosts the “eighth wonder of the world”, the Lalibela rock-hewn churches. UNESCO has recorded this site as one of the world wonders. It is also a holy land for Ethiopia's Orthodox Christians...
Yeha is situated in the northern mountainous parts of the Tigray region. Although today this small settlement survives as a shanty town, it was once a site of great pre-Axumite civilization. It is believed to be Ethiopia's first capital. Yeha was first uncovered in a complex archeological excavation around a courtyard at the beginning of the 20th century. The first settlers in the area, the Sabeans, were the founders of the Axumite kingdom


May, 2019