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Simien Mountain Trekking Tours

Whether you're going for a full 7 Day tour in the mountains, or just looking for a quick adventure. We have a variety of tour packages to the Simien Mountains. Learn more by pressing the link below. All our tours are customizable according to your time, budget, and interest. 

Danakel Depression Tour


Take an excursion to Dallol (116m below sea level) and it is one of the lowest places on earth. Visit colourful salt mining in Lake Assal and follow up camel caravans and walk with the wonderful Afar people for some time.

7 Day Ethiopia Historical Tour


Explore the magical history of Ethiopia in this tour. The old he old palace of emperor Menelik II in Addis Ababa's, Bahir Dar's Lake Tana Monasteries, Gondar's Castles and Churches, Axum, Simien Mountains, and much more!

Explore the Simien Mountains in this tour, Read the full itinerery below

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7 Days Trip to Bale Mountains

Tour to Bale Mountains National Park, through Tiya Stelea Field, and some of the Rift Valley Lake. Trekk in amazing places like the Moraro mountain, Wasema Valley. And if get a chance to see the Endemic Ethiopian Wolf!

Explore the various cultures of the Omo Valley Tribes in this tour.

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6 Days Bird Watching Tour

Day 1 - Addis Ababa – Awash National Park

Day 2 - Awash National Park – Langano

Day 3 - Langano – Bale Mountains

Day 4 - Bale Mountains – Wondo Genet

Day 5 - Wondo Genet – Awassa

Day 6 - Awassa – Langano – Addis Ababa


Ethiopia has amazing wildlife. Bird watching tour details below.




In Ethio-Simien Mountain Tours, we provide professional high-quality tourism services. Below, you can find our tour itineraries to a variety of amazing attractions all over Ethiopia. Although we are primarily based on the Simien Mountains. Mr. Dawoud Sulayman is always prepared to meet his clients and guide them in many locations around the country.

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